I recently had the privilege of speaking with Jill Monaco on her podcast at Jill Monaco Ministries. The title is Choosing a Mate. Although more geared toward singles, the basic principles apply to marriages and other personal relationships. Here is a brief introduction from Jill to the podcast

We’ve been doing a series on singleness … and this is the last in the series with … finally .. a dude! I just have more women friends but Nate Stevens, our guest today, is one of my best guy friends. We met a few years ago through another friend and he’s been writing for Single Matters ever since. He’s also a published author and speaker.

Have you ever wondered if God had a plan for picking a mate or a set of guidelines to choose well? What makes the best couples compatible for life? What if I told you Nate has discovered what the Scriptures says about four key aspects to a great relationship? It’s the topic he speaks on the most and even published a book about these awesome truths.

Now I knew Nate when he was single … so we’ve had a ton of conversations about singleness: the struggles, the state of singleness in the church today, the hope for marriage. Nate, met his beautiful wife, Karen, and still leads singles in the Charlotte NC area. He really has a passion to help singles and young adults prepare for marriage and choosing their spouses well.

On the podcast today, you’ll learn why Nate has a passion for teaching compatibility … from his own struggles and failures. He is super vulnerable about his failures and gives hope to those who have also made mistakes. He also shares the 4 relational aspects of life and why the order of discovering them are important to determine compatibility. You don’t want to miss the wisdom that comes from my friend Nate.

Book – Matched for Life on Amazon
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Hopefully this blesses you, my friend!

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