I know this couple who are getting married soon. Their relationship is simply fascinating and I’d like to apply the 4 Aspects of Life to describe them to you. Instead of names, we’ll just say Bride and Groom.

The Groom
  • He is a pretty cool guy – he’s stable, has a great job, and comes from a great family
  • He has everything he needs and everything he wants – except his bride
  • He is a spiritual leader, loves God’s Word, meet people at their point of spiritual need, and prays daily for his bride
  • He is incredibly smart – on any topic you choose; but he doesn’t use it to show off or impress others. He’s just a very wise person – you can tell by spending time with him. Every once in a while you’ll hear him whisper something incredible to his bride.
  • He is emotionally stable, available, and expressive – he is the best friend a person can have. He is loyal, usually patient, and doesn’t get angry very often (but he does on occasion).
  • He doesn’t hold grudges, is always willing to listen, and expects complete honesty.
  • He is humorous but he has a deeply serious side. When his bride has a bad day, he does everything possible to make her feel better. I hear his foot massages are to die for.
  • Both men and women are drawn to him – when you get to know him, he’s one of those outgoing, fun-loving guys everyone wants to hang out with.
  • But his heart and mind is always on his bride – he loves her with an unshakeable love. He has been faithful to her since day one – and always will be.
  • Everything he does, he does for his bride. A few years ago, knowing his bride was deathly ill, he told everyone he would give his life to restore her to full health.
  • He is a romantic at heart – he gives his bride flowers, he shares sunsets with her, he woos her with songs when she needs them, and he wrote her the most incredible love letter. I’ve had the privilege of reading it.
  • He is her champion, he willingly defends her, protects her, and shelters her.
  • He can’t wait until their wedding day arrives – but he isn’t impulsive. He just has to take care of a few things around the house and in his business so everything will be perfectly arranged for their wedding day.
The Bride
  • She’s a love-sick, starry-eyed bride who spends her time daydreaming of her groom and the day they start their future life together. She knows her groom loves her completely and will be coming to sweep her off her feet one day.
  • She’s a beautiful and remarkable lady – but she can be a little scatter-brained and fickle.
  • She means well and most of the time is completely head-over-heels for her groom…but occasionally she takes their relationship for granted. Sometimes people notice it and mention it to her – after which she usually agrees and starts paying attention to him again.
  • Spiritually, she is on the same page as her groom – she believes in him and recognizes his spiritual leadership.
  • (Intellectually) Her heart is his, but her mind sometimes gets her in trouble. She can be right in the middle of a conversation with him and her mind trails off to some crazy thing that happened that day or to some trouble she may be experiencing. It seems her groom has to repeatedly help her gather her thoughts and refocus on what is important – him!
  • She knows her groom will take care of her – but sometimes crazy doubts and fears overwhelm her: “Does he truly know me? Will he really take care of me all the time? Is he really that good? Will he really be there for me? Does he truly have my best interests at heart? Can I trust him?”
  • Sometimes, she listens to, and starts believing, what other people say on life issues instead of talking it over with her groom and determining what is best for their relationship.
  • (Emotionally) Everyone knows how she feels about her groom – she thinks of him often and talks about him to many people. But just the other day as they were walking together, her desires seemed somewhat distracted. Maybe on some trivial trinkets in the stores they passed? Maybe on some passerby who caught her attention? Who knows – but she wasn’t really paying attention to him (and he could tell). I wonder if she knows how hurtful she is at times.
  • Sometimes her emotions get the better of her – don’t get me wrong, she adores her groom! But sometimes she gets angry with him over the slightest thing. Maybe she was expecting a different gift than what he gave her. Or she gets impatient with him because he seems insensitive as to what she wants at the moment. When he tells her he gives her what she needs instead of what she wants, that really bugs her.
  • (Physically) Sadly, a few people know she has been unfaithful to him. It’s hard to understand, but it’s true. Why do something like that to someone as amazing as he is? She get’s mad, impatient, indifferent, distracted, or fearful and then gets emotionally attached to someone or something else who meets her immediate desires – even though deep inside she knows it’s not fulfilling or satisfying.
  • But through it all, her groom is forgiving, loving, and patient – and always takes her back into his loving arms!

The Groom asks his Bride for one thing and one thing only: that she love him with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength (Mark 12:30).

As the Groom, Jesus loves His Bride.

As His Bride, we the Church, must love Him spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

1 Corinthians 13 says, without love, everything else is pointless.

Do we truly love our Groom? I hope so – we’ll be married to Him soon!

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