Dateless? Well, isn’t that just special – another article highlighting singleness and at a particularly vulnerable season, no less. Thank you for that.

I get it, believe me. That was me for 10 long years. Each holiday season, I fervently asked God to make this the last one without someone “special” in my life. I prayed myself into a tizzy bargaining with God about how much more effective I could be in life and ministry by upgrading my relationship status from “single” to “couple.”

When those spiritual antics proved futile, I convinced myself I didn’t need anyone “special” in my life, that I was okay with my life as it was, that I was content to remain single until I died or until Christ returned. I had a good life; I could do what I want when I wanted to do it. Why would I complicate it by bringing someone else into it?

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