Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled (Matthew 5:6)

I was enjoying breakfast when God showed up.

Halfway through my store-brand yogurt mixed with fresh blueberries, He floated a question across my mind. “Are you hungry?” When I replied, “Of course I’m hungry; that’s why I’m having breakfast,” He floored me with, “No, are you truly hungry or are you just eating?” That’s when our discussion morphed into a monologue and I tried keeping up.

Usually when we’re not really all that hungry, we approach food as optional. We develop a choosy, disinterested mindset. Then, if we do find something to eat, we pick at it and often leave leftovers behind.

By comparison, a truly hungry or starving person has no doubt about his hunger. He has to eat! Hunger pangs make him very intentional. Then, when he finds a food source, he devours it. He may even eat things that normally wouldn’t be his top menu selections and eat them at places he never thought he would go. Oddly enough, only food satisfies a truly hungry person.

Yes, real hunger makes us behave in strange, yet passionate and intentional ways.

Hungry and Thirsty for Righteousness

Okay, now back to my conversation with God. Jesus said those who hungered and thirsted for righteousness would be filled. But the secret is in truly hungering for it, not merely picking and choosing as we aimlessly wander up and down His spiritual buffet. Nothing else quenches our craving; our appetite is only for Him and His delicacies.

When I am genuinely hungry for Him and His righteousness, my attitude and actions change. I prioritize specific time with Him; I crave His insight, conviction, and direction. When truly hungry, I readily devour even those things He offers that I normally wouldn’t accept. Like David, my heart will pant for Him. Just like Mary, I will desire sitting in His presence. As Paul, I will set my affections on things above. Just like Jesus, I will lovingly invite others to His feast.

Oh, God, help me to never settle for the unhealthy fast food of the world and its alluring distractions. Give me spiritual hunger pangs that drive me to the banquet hall of Your Word. Grant me the intentional desire to feast in Your presence. Please quench my insatiable hunger with only Yourself.

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