There is a place of quiet rest,
The outcome of a life-long quest.
The calming warmth of your embrace,
My final triumph o’er past disgrace.

Held tight and close within your arms
Dispels all fears — relieves all harms.
My peaceful “home” pressed to your breast
Bids heart and soul to newfound rest.

Earth’s noise abates, the world stands still;
My core rests in hypnotic thrill.
Crushing thoughts of past demise,
Your hold removes all masked disguise.

No need to act or play a part
While nestled safely to your heart.
Life’s storms and stress no more to swell;
I’m sheltered safe — all finally well.

The painful void forever gone;
Seraphic music in each new dawn.
The magic of your touch awakes,
My soul your blissful rapture takes.

The missing piece I’ve finally found;
My portraits done, completely sound.
To rest in peace, my sole request,
Within our place of quiet rest.[i]

[I] Stevens, Nate, At Home in your Arms, The Best Poems and Poets of 2005, (Copyright 2006, International Library of Poetry as a compilation), pp 1.

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