I realize not everyone has suffered betrayal, disloyalty or heartbreak at the hands of people they formerly trusted. If that has never happened to you, feel free to move on to another article. But if it has, please enjoy learning from my experience.

Of course, we’ve all experienced that stinging sensation as the proverbial knife blade slides its permanent groove into our backs. Maybe we’ve even occasionally been the back-stabber. After all, we’re only human, right? Like putting lipstick on a pig, we give it a much nicer sounding name like “set up to fail” or “pull the rug out from someone.” Regardless of the lipstick, such a breach of trust and credibility still stinks when it happens.

In all honesty, I’ve been on both sides of this dreadful experience. And I’ve vowed to never do it again. Life is painful enough without me intentionally setting someone up to fail, betraying someone’s trust, or failing to defend someone when necessary.

But I’ve also learned a few things from those who have wronged me throughout my life or those so-called friends and/or acquaintances who didn’t come to my rescue (or even dared defend me) when I needed it most.

The longer I carry an unforgiving and bitter spirit, the longer I allow them to control me.

Obviously, if I’m holding on to years of resentment, that’s like a self-imposed imprisonment. How liberating it has been to learn God’s truth and free myself from the pain of past betrayers, traitors, back-stabbers and other such wrongdoers (It felt good just calling them that!).

I Don’t Have To Like Them 

But I do have to forgive and love them. If they are not Christians, maybe my forgiving and loving example will draw them to Christ. If they are Christians…

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