Let the word of Christ dwell (continual living) in you richly. (Colossians 3:16a / NKJV, parenthesis added)

Living our faith on a daily basis can be challenging. The lines between earth’s mundane and heaven’s expectations seldom seem to intersect. Or so we think.

During a recent devotional time, the first nine words of today’s verse struck a chord with me. As I pondered and researched it to better understand the deeper meaning, I was amazed at how much is packed into so few words.

We know the “word of Christ” refers to God’s word, the Scriptures. The word “dwell” means to remain, become a resident, or to inhabit. But then comes the fun part. The word “richly” means in large quantity, plentiful, profusely, and abundantly. So a paraphrase of this verse would be, “Let God’s word take up permanent residence within you so it overflows into every aspect of your everyday life.”

Dwelling Richly

When I bought my new home, it was a joy spending the first night here. Over time, as I claimed it as my own, it was exciting to fill each room with the usual furniture. With my kid’s pictures on the wall, the knick-knacks on the bookshelves, and all the extra personalized touches, the house slowly became my home. As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. For a vacation, you can stay anywhere; but you relax, get comfortable, or “dwell richly,” in your home.

When I come home from a crazy workday, there’s rarely a better feeling than to change into something comfortable, grab my favorite drink, head to my favorite room, and relax on my large, fluffy couch. It is home – my safe and comfortable haven. Where I belong and can relax. Dwelling, abiding, remaining – these words all speak to comfortable permanence.

God’s word is to permanently reside in us. So, in pulling this all together, I am motivated to relax and get comfortable every moment in the presence of Jesus. Speaking to Him. Recalling His Word. Applying His Word to every situation of life. Allowing Him access to every room and corner of my life. This helps me live the abundant life He gives, become a fruitful child of His, and invite His blessing on my life.

When we take what we learn from God’s Word and stretch out comfortably in it like our favorite room in the house, we are living out our faith. How cool is that!

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