It is always best to let God’s hands trace whatever lines of purpose and romance on the human heart. His ways are always better. the human heart is deceptive [Jeremiah 17:9]. “Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; unite my heart to fear Your name” [Psalm 86:11].

For years, the guarded walls grew tall;
Her outer mask preventing fall.
Withdrawn, protected from all harm,
Shielding her from cheesy charm.

Then on this scared girl’s hardened shell
Some “pixie dust” so lightly fell.
It’s magnetic, mesmerizing feel
Urged hope another chance to heal.

Two steps forward, one step back,
With calm assurance, no attack.
Lengthy calls with sultry voice;
Uncover layers shared by choice.

The past desire to analyze,
All thoughts and motives tantalize.
The slow dance effortlessly moves;
Honor’s intention firmly proves.

The mutual urge to finger trace,
Enchanted gazes on each face;
Sacred glances, crinkled eyes
Reveal the truth behind disguise.

Uncanny sensing of cloned soul;
To “see” the girl – not parts, but whole.
Dear God, Your sovereign purpose rocks,
This dust is Yours – please bless or block.

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