Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.  ( John 2:15)

“We’ve lost yet another star … hero … icon.”

I was in Los Angeles the day Michael Jackson died and recall how the news of his death paralyzed the city, even the nation.

Then Prince died. Then Billy Idol. Then George Michael. Then Carrie Fisher. Each time, social media exploded with comments and viewpoints about how unfair life is, that the year had claimed too many good people, that they were too young to be taken from us. Instagram pictures were quickly created and posted with warm condolences — yes, even by Christians.

As I read them, I was fascinated by the outpouring of emotions from Christians when famous actors, musicians or entertainers die. It seems we overlook their lifestyles, characters or beliefs as we eulogize them and exude our support. Even though they lived and championed immoral lifestyles, mocked Christianity or openly rejected religion, we parade their good qualities, relive the awards, milestones and recognition they received in their lifetime, then post their music, lyrics or movie themes in our social media streams with beautiful “RIP” comments.


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