Before I was born the Lord called me; from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name. (Isaiah 49:1)

“He knows my name!”

Recently I heard a story how a celebrity befriended a young disabled girl. Her parents wrote him telling of her situation and incredible fondness for him. To their delight, he agreed to visit her. Since it was a secret, the girl was completely astonished when the celebrity walked right up to her. More surprisingly, he called her by her name. She shrieked, “He knows my name!” Being personally known by someone famous was an instant boost to her ego – to say nothing of the frenzied communication on her social media sites.

Ah, the sound of your name. Is there a sweeter, more wonderful, meaningful sound? A name separates each person from everyone else. It speaks to a person’s heritage, identity, and reputation. Parents use it to get our attention. Fans scream it from the bleachers. Salespeople use it to soften their pitch. Friends use it as a greeting. Lovers whisper it softly in their beloved’s ear.

God Knows You

But there is Someone truly famous and exceedingly more important than all the celebrities, superstars, and television personalities combined. His fame, power, and prestige are unmatched. And, His admiration, honor, and devotion are unrivaled. It is God Almighty. Yes, He knows your name! He knows who you are including your culture, nationality, and genealogy. Also, He knows what you have done including your background, experience, and reputation. He knows your past, present, and future. Scarily, He knows your intimate thoughts and motives. He knows your struggles and fears. And, He knows the innermost, real “you” behind the façade. Yes, He knows who you are.

How mind-boggling, yet deeply comforting, to know that the God of the entire universe, the Sovereign Almighty One knows my name. Coupling this with the fact He is love (1 John 1:8), we can rest assured that He loves each one of us personally. He wants the best for each of us individually. As a loving Father, He wants to be involved in the everyday details of our lives. He wants each one of us to seek His advice and direction. Most importantly, He wants an intimate, personal relationship with each of us personally.

He knows you by name. Do you know Him?

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