With the start of another year, I face the opportunity to make healthier choices than I made in previous years. From what I am feeling—and seeing on my bathroom scale—I know I have to. If you’re like me, the delicious snacks and extra helpings this holiday season did not work in our favor.

So I face the reality that God gave me only one body. It is my responsibility to keep it in the best shape possible to fulfill the mission and purpose God has for me. Yes, an occasional illness or a serious disease may ambush me; but my accountability as a steward of God’s resources encourages me to nourish and cherish my body, just as the Lord does the church (Ephesians 5:29).

I’m also growing more aware of the unforgiving effects of the pressures of life, ever-increasing age, and pull of gravity. The graying or receding hairline. Wrinkles and varicose veins. Muscles losing their youthful shape and tone. Declining stamina. Chronic or potentially terminal illnesses that require every ounce of resolve to overcome.

But, hallelujah, I have God’s glorious promise that I will one day exchange my weakening physical body for a glorified, renewed, and transformed body in heaven. Until such time, my charge is to take care of this earthly vessel.

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