How would you react if you heard the following relationship story from someone?

I’m in a fantastic relationship with the most wonderful person!

  • Someone who loves me passionately, fully, and unconditionally
  • Someone who is always there for me – to pick me up when I fall, to listen to me gripe
  • Someone who does everything possible to meet my every need

I truly enjoy being loved so much!

Because she loves me so much,

  • I can (and do) act unlovely at times – yet her love isn’t withdrawn nor has it grown cold
  • I can (and do) selfishly withhold myself at times – yet she is always “in the moment” for me
  • I can (and do) take her for granted – yet she assures and affirms me every day

Even though she is always there for me,

  • Sometimes I don’t really talk with her – you see, my other priorities consume my mind and time
  • Sometimes I take from her without so much as a “Thank you” – but she understands my heart
  • Sometimes I draw close and intimate with her – but usually it’s because everyone else has either turned their back on me, disappointed me, can’t help me, or don’t have time for me
But It’s a Great Relationship!

But from my perspective, it’s a great relationship!

  • I take and give little in return – even though she freely gives me everything
  • She is my constant, encouraging companion – yet who demands nothing from me in return
  • Quite often, I’ve flat out ignored her – still her love, her time, and her attention is always given

In all honesty, I seldom consider how my actions hurt her

  • Periodically, I may begrudgingly mumble, “I’m sorry” when I’ve done something really bad
  • But for the most part, I take full advantage of the freedom she gives me to pursue my own interests – without really asking what she wants to do
  • I find myself always complaining to her – even though she almost always speaks tenderly to me

I know she will always support me even though I don’t spend much time with her

  • When she wants something from me, I don’t always give it – but, of course, I expect her full attention to my desires
  • When I don’t spend time with her, or give her anything in return, she doesn’t say anything ugly about it or hold it against me
  • When we “fight” or have our disagreements, it is usually just me pitching a fit about not getting my way or about the unfairness of my life

But she is amazingly patient, supportive, loving, and kind!

  • Sometimes I fall asleep in her arms
  • Most often I fall asleep without so much as a “Good night”
  • But, when I wake up in the morning, I know she’ll be right there beside me

I hope she doesn’t stop loving me because I don’t know what I’d do, or how I’d live, without her!

Isn’t she the greatest?!

Discussion Questions: 
  • Would you want a relationship like this?
  • Would you stay in a relationship like this?
  • How would it change your perspective if the “she” was a “he”?
  • How would it change you personally if this person was Jesus?
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