For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. (Ephesians 2:10, NLT)

We are all brushstrokes in God’s overall masterpiece.

Admittedly, I’m no artist. At best, I can conjure up some basic stick figures to convey the few artistic concepts I may have. Which makes me admire those who can draw or paint incredibly detailed and beautiful scenes. I recently watched one such gifted painter on television. He methodically set up his work area. His tools were nothing more than one blank canvas, a variety of basic paint colors, and an array of brushes.

With several initial strokes, he swiped and swished various brushes across the canvas, creating the initial artistic structure. At times, he would dab a brush in two different colors to create the variant hues he desired. But what piqued my interest was the many different types of brushes he used. Some were large, round, and coarse, others were small and very pointed. There were also some that had long, narrow, flat tips. Each individual brush was different and served a distinct purpose. In the painter’s masterful hand, the deliberate strokes and swirls from the brushes’ different textures, shapes, and sizes made the canvas come alive.

God’s Handiwork

In Ephesians 2:10, Paul refers to believers as God’s masterpiece. Some translations use the words “handiwork” or “workmanship.” The word “we” implies a collective (not an individual) masterpiece, meaning the entire body of Christ is His masterpiece. His sovereign purpose is the canvas and each believer is an individual brushstroke. In the hands of the Master, our lives become part of His overall work of art.

In meditating on this verse and recalling how the televised painter worked his magic, I thought, “What type of brush am I? Is my brushstroke, broad, bold, and foundational? Or am I a smaller, finer brush that is used for more detailed, finishing work? Is my paintbrush even available for God to use? Do I look in envy on someone else’s brushstroke and wish mine were different?”

As believers, God created us anew in Christ Jesus – He transforms us – so we can do the “good things” He has planned for us. What an awesome privilege and amazing honor! To be part of His divine masterpiece of salvation and overall purpose for the world. He has gifted each person with unique and specific talents to be used in the expansion, encouragement, and equipping of His Church.

Get your brush ready and let’s paint something incredible!

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