Man is like a breath; His days are like a passing shadow. (Psalm 144:4, NKJV)

Life happens in an instant — one way this moment, then completely different in the next.

We define “instant” as a quick or very short moment of time. That instantaneous moment involves the present actions or events of life. It’s the only moment you have — like the choice you made to read this article at this specific moment. (Thank you, by the way!)

The reality about a life “instant” is that anything can happen, both good and bad. For example, lives are changed instantaneously by a baby’s birth, an unexpected death, a doctor’s call, a fatal car crash, a recruiter’s job offer or a judge’s sentence. After that specific moment, life is never the same.

Quite often, our choices factor into those instant changes. A married couple chooses to conceive a child. A prospective candidate submits a job application, hoping to get a job. A judge rules in response to whatever law was broken.

But then there are unexpected instances — those life surprises that knock us for a loop. We have no control over death, negative health reports or wrecks. And yet, those instants happen every day.

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