In the quest to solve the mystery of relationships, children and teenagers turn to many sources. But the most impactful source of all is the modeled behavior they see from their parents.

If you are like me, my parents gave me little to no relational advice. Mostly, it was the usual, “Keep your hands to yourself,” “If we ever catch or hear of you touching a girl, you’ll be severely punished and grounded for life,” and, “Act like a Christian.”

Sadly, my pastor or youth pastor offered little more with, “Girls, don’t let guys touch you because all they have on their minds is one thing.” Needless to say, relationships became the fearful unknown, sex was degraded to something nasty and sinful, and curiosity was increased.

What I learned about relationships and “the birds and the bees” while growing up was what I heard from my older brothers, the school locker room, whatever worldly sources I could find, and trial and error.

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