Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father. (James 1:17, NKJV)

What can a cup of coffee teach us about miracles?

I was preparing my usual morning cup of coffee, inhaling its rich aroma and anticipating its smooth, sweet taste. As I stirred in the cream and sugar, a bizarre, pre-caffeinated thought crept its way through the morning fog of my mind. The spoon was a useful tool for mixing the ingredients of my miraculous brew; but, what if it had a mind of its own and got the silly notion to take credit for the whole cup of coffee? That would be laughably preposterous since we know the spoon can do nothing on its own.

Magnificent, Everyday Miracles

Yet, how often are we like that silly spoon? Miracles happen all around us every day – wounds heal, babies are born, jobs are granted, yes, even our hearts and lungs continue their faithful work while we sleep. These are all magnificent miracles! But how often do we take them for granted or even believe we made them happen on our own. Although we may be a small part of any miracle, we can do nothing apart from God (John 15:5). In reality, God allows us to participate in His miracles – just as I used the spoon to stir my coffee.

When God blesses us with children, it is Him allowing us to participate in His miracle of life (Psalm 127:3). As God opens job opportunities or promotions, it is His miraculous blessing upon us (James 1:17). When He heals us through surgery, medicine, or supernatural means, it is His reminder that He is the Master Physician who miraculously heals our infirmities (Matthew 8:17). Even the daily sunrise and sunset are proof of His miraculous and loving faithfulness (Psalm 113:3).

Through all the miraculous events of our lives, never lose the amazement of the miraculous. Give God the credit and praise for health, jobs, wealth, children, or whatever other favorable status of our lives. Instead of taking God’s daily miracles for granted or feeling a sense of complacent entitlement, let’s be grateful that He involves us in His overall plan and purpose. Let’s be thankful that God uses us as His “spoons” when He stirs up His miraculous works.

For now, I’m relishing this amazing cup of coffee and am delighted that the spoon performed its small part perfectly.

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