The last enemy (final round) that will be destroyed is death. (1 Corinthians 15:26, parenthesis added)

Whether it is golf, boxing, exercise, or even life itself, the final round can be a brutal but welcome event.

I’ve never boxed, but I have played golf. Whether it was a great day of incredibly lucky shots or a horrible day of shanks, hooks, and misread putts, the final round was always a welcome sight

From an exercise perspective, I recently started an intense physical regimen of timed kickboxing at different stations. Each new station or “round” exercised a different muscle group while at the same time emphasizing increased endurance and cardio-vascular stamina. It was exciting—something new, rigorous, and heart pounding.

The first few rounds exhilarated me as I kicked and punched, drenched in sweat. With adrenaline pumping and heart rate up, I worked the proverbial cobwebs from my muscles, joints, and mind. However, not being used to such strenuous activity, I quickly became exhausted. After each successive station, I found myself anxiously desiring the last station.

Before each session, I knew an intense workout awaited me, but then came the final round. I looked forward to it knowing it signaled the end to that day’s struggle. I’d be gasping for breath, dripping with sweat, too tired to stand, and completely fatigued. But I pushed through knowing a rest was coming.

The Final Round – Death

Similar to life, the final round is coming. The day to day routine may be grueling, monotonous, and painful. But when I finish the struggle, when I finish my final battle with that old enemy, Death, I know my struggles will be over.

Don’t get me wrong; life is filled with thrilling, heart-thumping, and loving moments. There is enjoyment with each new “station.” We watch our families grow up and expand, we fellowship with old and new friends. More tenderly, we cherish our loved ones and we fulfill the purposes for which God created us. Yet, the fact remains, a final round awaits us all.

When my earthly journey ends, and after my encounter with death, I will rise to everlasting rest in the loving comfort and peaceful presence of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He already won the fight, I just need to finish the final round.