As an author, Nate hopes to lead his readers to relatable “Aha” moments where convicting truth resonates with the personal decisions to improve. His desire is to encourage, educate, and transform his readers with new and renewed insights from personal experience and the treasure trove of God’s Word as applicable truth.

God’s Secret Place Makes Finalist List for 2022 Selah Awards

So excited to announce that God’s Secret Place, Finding and Maintaining Intimacy with God, has made the finalists list for the prestigious 2022 Selah Awards! This year, the nationwide entries included 440 literary pieces from books to articles. God has blessed me beyond measure – to Him be all the glory! May this recognition increase the impacted audience for this book’s message.

The Selah Awards, which are awarded annually, are given to books and other literary works within Christian publishing that are considered excellent within their genre.

Deck Time with Jesus

There were thirteen of us in the boat. But we were not worried about our safety—not because of the boat anyway. The water’s edge was within hand’s reach but it was a sturdy vessel built for almost twenty people. There was just something ominous about the night. Our leader said he wanted us to sail across the lake. It had been a long, hot day in the sun while he spoke and mingled with people. It was obvious he was tired. We were all tired. As we pushed away from the shore, he positioned himself in the boat’s stern, folded a deck pillow under his head, and curled up comfortably on deck. As our oars splashed their rhythmic song, he was soon fast asleep.

Then the storm hit. Out of nowhere.

Deck Time with Jesus offers a profound look at the storms of life that eventually come to everyone. Illnesses, tragic accidents, job loss, betrayal, divorce, bankruptcy, depression, premature death—these, along with many others, are all part of the human experience. When experiencing the swaying deck of your frightening storm, grab your deck pillow, snuggle up so close to Jesus that you can hear His heartbeat, and rest. Trust Him with your personal storm.

The inspirational, self-improvement theme is that of a voyager discovering the reasons behind the storms of life. Some reasons are obvious; some become evident through careful discovery. Still others require our faithful trust in God until we reach eternity.

Looking at the examples of several Biblical characters, the reader understands how God’s Word offers many clues to help us navigate life’s storm-tossed seas. When comparing the storms that happened to Samson, Moses, Esther, Job, David and others with some difficult and heartbreaking testimonies of present-day people, readers will understand how the reasons behind every storm fall into distinct categories.

Deck Time with Jesus | Navigating Life's Storms From a Place of Peace and Rest | by Nate StevensSome storms are the direct consequence or punishment (discipline) for our poor life choices. At other times, God providentially allows storms for reasons we may or may not know. In some cases, storms prepare us for the greater, future plans God has for us. Occasionally, God allows some storms to serve as warnings to others or even as proof of His grace. Overall, storms reveal and fulfill God’s sovereign power over everything and everyone.

Surviving and thriving through your storm is possible by: discovering the underlying reasons behind them, trusting God’s sovereign control over everything, aligning personal will with His desires, and then resting peacefully with Jesus in spite of them. Through it all, Nate’s encouragement is this: Although God may not respond immediately or even as you expect, He WILL take you safely through to the other side.

Deck Time with Jesus is beautifully written and provides practical advice and encouragement to help you get through the world’s distracting noises so you can focus more on God. Someone wise once told me that you are either dealing with a crisis, coming out of a crisis, or one is on the way. It is the perfect tool to help you navigate through life’s seasons.

~Steve Repak

Author of "6 Week Money Challenge" and "Dollars and Uncommon Sense"

Matched 4 Life

I realize there are numerous books and resources available on the topics of relationships and marriage. However, I found that most of them overlook much information from Scripture, medical science, personality studies, statistics, and other research materials. So I embarked on a journey to find a refreshingly different approach to dating and romantic relationships. My own relational misunderstandings and avoidable mistakes prompted the research and discovery for this book. I sincerely hope this book inspires all readers to fully consider and strategically pursue true compatibility – in all four aspects.

I wish I had learned this book’s lessons much earlier in life. When I was young and single, even though I dreamed of having a picture-perfect marriage and “followed all the rules” I knew at the time, my marriage still ended in divorce. 

These “rules” included having a daily quiet time of Bible study and prayer, looking for a spouse who was a Christian, regularly attending and being involved in church ministry, and staying sexually pure until marriage. I thought if I found an attractive Christian woman, felt passionately “in love” about her, and shared a similar life purpose with her, God would miraculously bless us with a happy, fulfilling, and ecstatic marriage.

In looking back, I now realize how naïve and wrong that presumption was. I wasn’t even close to being ready for marriage. Even though I found spiritual and intellectual common ground with my partner prior to marriage, I gave no serious thought to emotional or physical compatibility. I assumed that if I found spiritual common ground and felt those “love butterflies” inside, somehow the emotional connection, physical desire, and sexual expectations would all fall into place. My immaturity, lack of preparation, foolish choices, and avoidable mistakes resulted in heartache and a broken family.

From that marriage, God blessed me with two incredible children whom I love dearly. I wanted to give them some meaningful and basic instruction about successful personal relationships that I did not have when I was their age. I wish to better prepare them to make wiser choices than I did and hopefully help them avoid similar problems and pain. I hope the same for you as well.

“I highly recommend this book! It is a must have for any person. Nate Stevens is an approachable guy, who is passionate about God. I know his book and his philosophy changed my perspective and I am a better person because of it.”

~ Cynthia R. Heath, MS, MBA, OTR/L

(Hope Church Singles Community Caring/Prayer Leader) HSC Prayer Leader, Hope Church Singles Ministry

Moments Books

It began late one evening at a writers’ conference when published and aspiring authors were relaxing together at the end of a long day. First one, then another, and others shared accounts of how God had shown up in their lives in remarkable, inexplicable, and often, unexpected ways. Their stories are our stories. Readers will be encouraged, fascinated, and blessed by these true narratives. Some are sweet, some humorous, others serious. All are wondrous and inspiring.

Nate Stevens shares inspirational and encouraging moments as one of the contributing authors in the following “Moments” Books:

  • Moments with Billy Graham
  • Divine Moments
  • Christmas Moments
  • Spoken Moments
  • More Christmas Moments
  • Stupid Moments
  • Cool-inary Moments
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