God is the Judge: He puts down one, and exalts another. (Psalm 75:7 / NKJV)

Eggshells and scrambled eggs are a horrible combination.

While making breakfast, I cracked three eggs and poured their contents into the frying pan. As I tossed the final eggshell in the trash, an interesting thought struck me. Before cracking the shell and spilling the actual egg white and yoke, the shell is a valuable and inseparable part of the egg. It serves its purpose by safeguarding and delivering the egg. Without it, the egg becomes a slimy mess probably unsafe for eating. However, by cracking the shell, it becomes disposable. When the purpose is accomplished, separation becomes necessary.

In life, everything serves a purpose. The box delivering a gift. Our bodies upon release of our spirits. Even friends along the journey, while joined in purpose, are indispensable. However, once their purpose is accomplished, God may move them to separate journeys. Some friends help us through struggles while others cause them. Some friends stick by us through thick and thin while others sever relationships over petty arguments or disagreements.

Aside from questioning motives, faithfulness, and character, it is vital to understand how God sovereignly uses every instance of life for His ultimate purpose. He lifts one up while putting another down (Psalms 75:7). He brings people into our lives while removing others. Sometimes He forcefully loosens our grasp on those things and people He knows no longer serve His purpose or our long-term good. But if we approach such scenarios with an egg and eggshell mentality, we soon realize keeping an empty eggshell is pointless. It served its purpose—time to let go and move on.

This should not encourage a frivolous or callous approach toward friendships or a devaluation of the people in our lives. It reinforces a recognition of God’s sovereign control. He allows eggs and eggshells to coexist until such time as the egg moves on while the eggshell does not. He calls some people to journeys with forks of separation in the road.

Crunching an overlooked piece of eggshell in my scrambled eggs emphasizes clean separation is necessary. However, such separation should occur with much discernment and without discord, dissension, or disrespect.

Lord, grant me the gratitude for the eggs in my life, the courage to discard the eggshells, and Your discernment to tell the difference.

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