The river of God is full of water.  Psalm 65:9

I love a majestic flowing river with cascading waterfalls and misting showers as it powers its way downstream. But as much as I enjoy their thrilling power and soothing beauty, earthly rivers cannot compare to the river of God.

The psalmist David said the river of God is full of water. It is never dry, can never be dammed up or diverted, and is not affected by drought. God’s river flows at His discretion and according to His purpose. In it is fullness, abundance, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Each day, I swim in its reservoir of grace, plunge in its waves of forgiveness, float on its currents of love, bathe in its ripples of mercy, rest in its chilling peace, and drink from its refreshing flow.

Jesus said He is the Living Water that becomes a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life in whomever believes on Him. He also said the Holy Spirit would flow out of every believers’ heart like rivers of living water.

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