The fruit of [God’s] righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness (silence) and confidence forever. (Isaiah 32:17, parenthesis added)

Silence is golden – except on an elevator.

As I rode the elevator at work this morning, I wondered why no one talks to each other. An uneasy, awkward silence laughs its haunting cry as each rider stares straight ahead at his or her reflection in the elevator doors or as they absentmindedly gaze at the floor. There is also the silly dance where each person nervously shifts from one foot to the other. Why do we do this? Is there an unwritten rule somewhere that prohibits talking in elevators?

Aside from the awkward elevator rides, silence can be a beautiful thing. It can be restorative; a time of quiet introspection to meditate on God’s Word, gather our thoughts, or refresh our minds. Such silence can bring God’s peace as He promises us His perfect peace if our minds remain on Him.

But silence can also be a spiritual battlefield. When we quiet ourselves from the distractions of our daily routine and responsibilities, instead of a quiet moment of peace, the mind can be a place of intense scrutiny and torment. Regrets, reliving past failures, remembering past hurts, accusing voices, and mind games can all clamor for our attention. Satan usually assails our quiet times, thinking his voice is then the loudest.

Quietness and Confidence

But part of God’s righteousness is His peace. The effect of His peace is quietness and confidence forever. When we shelter ourselves in His righteousness, we have peace with God. Yes, we make mistakes; yes, we all have failures or lapses in our moral judgment. This is why true peace does not come from our own righteousness. It comes from the righteousness of God that we appropriate through Jesus Christ.

As we remind ourselves it is with His righteousness that we stand in His presence, we are comforted with His peace. We can then rest quietly and confidently in His presence. When our past rears its ugly head or regrets yell their nasty reminders, we can silence them with His forgiveness and righteousness.

So rest your mind in God’s righteousness today. Allow His quietness and confidence renew your mind. In silence, let His Spirit whisper softly to your heart as He calms, comforts, and transforms you.

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