For thus says the Lord of hosts concerning the pillars, concerning the Sea, concerning the carts, and concerning the remainder of the vessels that remain in this city… [Jeremiah 27:19-22]

In the grand scheme of things, what does God care about pillars, carts, bowls, and other ordinary details of the Temple? For that matter, why give specific instructions on numerous details for building the Tabernacle and Temple? What does His attention to detail mean to me?

Sovereign Creator

As the Creator of everything, God is intimately involved in all the details of life. Having designed everything from nothing, He is particularly aware of the smallest, almost invisible particle of matter. Why? Because He cares. As part of that loving care, He sovereignly orchestrates even ordinary details to fulfill His purpose.

Quite often, however, we lull ourselves into thinking that as long as we can handle, schedule, or coordinate events, it’s okay to do so. It’s almost as if we say, “God, I’ve got this. You can focus on other more important matters. When something gets too big, confusing, or fearful for me, I’ll let You know.” But as any caring, loving father, He cares about the seemingly insignificant details of our lives. He asks us to trust Him with all our cares, worries, and anxieties [1 Peter 5:7]. Our first response should always be to involve Him.

Sovereign Orchestration

To understand how He is sovereignly involved in the ordinary details of everyday life, think about the following scenarios:

  • Leaving home five minutes early or later than expected either keeps me from a close call accident or right in the middle of it. If while walking through the kitchen, I pause for a cup of coffee for the road, that five-minute difference may place me before, after, or in the accident.
  • Maybe it’s a delayed or cancelled flight where I sit beside a different person than I would have on the initial flight. Instead of coincidence, it may be divinely orchestrated to share my testimony with someone who is receptive as opposed to someone who is not.
  • A long wait for the elevator allows me to run into someone God wanted me to encourage. If the elevator had been earlier, I would have missed that encounter.
  • An illness, surgery, or even a hospital stay may seem like a catastrophe. I may even ask God to heal me quickly so I can get one with my “regular programming.” Yet, my down time may be the catalyst that promotes deeper intimacy with Him. My hospital stay may be may be an opportunity to demonstrate God’s peace to the nurses and hospital staff.
  • Choosing one potential spouse over another may be the difference between fulfilling God’s perfect or His permissive will for my life. In His perfect will, the right spouse partners with me as we pursue interdependent life purposes. In His permissive will, the wrong spouse distracts from or competes with God’s purpose for my life.

God infinitely and minutely orchestrates every detail to fulfill His ultimate purpose (Ephesians 1:11). He even factors in our variable freewill choices. Nothing is random. Nothing catches God by surprise. He orchestrates it all. Understanding and accepting this fact underscores the importance of every choice.

A Response of Trust

God wants us to trust Him in all our ways [Proverbs 3:5-6]. This requires trust and reliance on Him in all things, in all circumstances, and with all people.

From the smallest to the most impactful decision, God is in them. He patiently waits for me to seek His optimal choice and timing. Knowing He orchestrates everything should also remove impatience, frustration, anger, and worry in the annoying events of life.

There is no need for fear or analysis paralysis on every decision or choice in life. God gives us His wisdom and intellectual capacity to reason through our choices to determine the optimal outcome. However, seeking God’s direction in all our ways is always a wise strategy. It encourages praying without ceasing. Moving only in the light He gives. Listening to His Spirit’s whispers. Walking in faith and proceeding as He directs, leads, delays, or stops altogether.

Trusting is a huge issue – especially when we’ve previously been disappointed, heartbroken, abandoned, and betrayed. But we can and should trust God in everything. He does all things well [Mark 7:37]. As the Creator of all things [John 1:3], He holds everything in His capable hands [Psalm 78:72]. He is in control – we can trust Him with the ordinary details.

So, instead of complaining about that slow driver, bless him. He may be your guardian angel. Instead of cursing the slow elevator, enjoy the ride. It may carry you to a divine appointment with someone who needs you. Rather than being frustrated with an annoying person, model Christlikeness. She may need to see your Godly lifestyle. Be careful in your selection of a spouse. He or she may make or break your God-designed destiny.

Yes, God cares about the ordinary details of life. He cares about us as well as our reaction to the events we encounter. May we daily progress “until Christ is formed” in us [Galatians 4:19].

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