The heavens declare the glory (beauty) of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. (Psalm 19:1, parenthesis added)

I’m thankful for the color green.

This realization surfaced while observing leafy trees of various hues highlighted against the sky’s azure blue. How boring and lacking in depth would the world be if everything were simply variations of the same color. Instead, I was visually enveloped by shades of light green, dark green, purple, yellow, blue, brown, gray, red, orange…

Recently, my wife and I decided to sneak in a restful weekend with some dear friends at their home just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in northern North Carolina. I offer the following descriptions to help you envision my view as I slowly swayed in the suspended hammock chair on the backside of their wraparound porch.

  • Wispy clouds lazily pushed along by a cool summer breeze. Friendly branches slowly waving at each other.
  • Boisterous crows squawking out of tune and rhythm with the katydid’s incessant song.
  • A momma deer with three fawns peeking from the tree line before ambling to a nearby feed bin. Two eight-point bucks sparring for ownership of another feed bin.
  • Hummingbirds zipping around, throbbing their turbine sound. Finches, doves, and cardinals taking turns on the bird feeders—interrupted periodically by a pushy squirrel.
  • Air permeated with the smell of sun-heated pine and cedar mingled with the smoky smell of a nearby fire pit and musty richness of the forest.
Heavenly Beauty

Naturally, amidst such tranquil beauty, thoughts arose about Heaven. When I first get there, where will I go? Will I live by myself? Do the mansions have pantries or will everyone gather at eateries of personal preference? How strange and carefree will it feel without having to drive to and from work, clock in, and get busy?

Yes, I realize we won’t need to eat, sleep, or work in Heaven. I also know all will be blissfully different than the present routines and expectations. But my surrounding mountainesque beauty and the wonder of heaven made me homesick. I sensed an anticipation of the entirely new routines and scenery. Almost like the new fawns discovering their brand-new world.

God is the Master Creator, Life-Giver, and Sovereign Orchestrator to enable such a panoramic setting each and every day. His faithfulness is renewed daily by His marvelous acts. Heavenly peace, serenity, and beauty await all who trust His Son Jesus as Savior and Lord.

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