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Deck Time with Jesus is a must-read if you have ever questioned God’s plan in the adversities that we face. By contrasting the hardships faced by Biblical characters to those experienced in our modern world, Nate affirms that we can find solace in scripture during our storms.

Marie Lacombe

Nate has obviously put much time, thought, research and prayer into this project, and it shows. I think there are great insights to be gained, and very practical questions and suggestions are offered to help the reader think through his/her personal situation and/or relationship. Nate’s approach to healthy relationships is a holistic one, and thus, is a healthy one in my opinion. It is not a super-spiritual approach that implies “only trusting God more,” or having more faith for problematic issues. Rather, the book gives pragmatic guidelines for improving one’s relational life.

Dennis Franck

Singles Minister, Franck Insights

Motivational speaker, friend, and fellow inspirational author, Nate Stevens is a man on a kingdom mission.

His heart for God, his energy, and his faith encourages us to overcome adversity and dares us to believe in the abundant life God has in store for us.

Nate’s testimony, books, blog, and personal stories have encouraged and inspired me to ride out the storms of life and embrace my purpose in Christ.

Joann Claypoole

Author of The Gardener’s Helpers: A DoveStories Tale

Years ago when I first married, I knew nothing about making sure we were compatible in four very important areas. I wish I would have had available Matched 4 Life by Nate Stevens. In reading this extremely helpful book, I understand the reasons why my marriage failed. I feel it is vital that singles read this book before marriage to avoid mistakes that some of us have made and to recognize the person God wants for us.

I enjoy reading Nate‘s thought provoking articles. They always contain nuggets of wisdom also. His book Deck Time with Jesus is a wealth of information on how to stop worrying and be content with God’s timing. Nate is a very gifted writer and speaker and imparts much wisdom.

Miriam Smith

Monroe, NC

As a divorced single adult, I was very intrigued by Nate’s new book. It brought truth and understanding in a very real message. As I read, there were times I could see my failed past relationship detailed in his words and times that I laughed out loud at the thoughts that were so real to me. This book’s honesty can save a lot of heartache for young adults and even teenagers as they embrace future relationships. I truly appreciate a man who speaks from his heart and listens to God’s instructions! Matched 4 Life is full of encouragement and will challenge singles to find the right mate and keep them for life!

Darlene C.

Rock Hill, SC

In my career as a Relationship Specialist, I’ve listened and observed many singles who are seeking a fulfilling relationship. Everyone is looking and longing for a secure, romantic, loving and responsible partner with whom they can share this journey of life – yet very few truly understand what that really involves. There are specific aspects that play an intricate part in a successful and enjoyable partnership. However, many people have never been appropriately educated when it comes to a selfless, secure and loving relationship. Therefore, we are left to learn from our mistakes or sometimes we never learn enough to enter into a great partnership. I recommend an excellent read for singles seeking to solve the mystery of a great relationship. Nate Stevens is a man who truly understands the meaning of a loving relationship. He will challenge and encourage you as you discover what it takes to find the right mate and keep them. I’ve read most books concerning relationships and must say that this is truly the best!

Yvonne Rosbottom

Relationship Specialist, Great Expectations, Charlotte

Nate’s leadership example is something I have applied throughout my career…  He inspired all of us to work toward a common mission. He brought our team together…  I have reported to many managers but few leaders during my career. Nate is one of the best leaders I’ve worked with.

Ginger Spicuzza

Jacksonville, FL

I have known Nate for many years – most have been through business.  Through both business and personally, Nate has demonstrated his honesty, integrity, and most of all a sincere belief in our Lord.  He has been through a great deal in life but has never lost his faith and integrity, nor his desire to assist people in need.  He has such a wonderful depth in his knowledge of the Bible and shares willing and effortlessly with anyone.  I am proud to call him my friend and probably can easily add counselor to the description.  His burning desire to provide knowledge to people, both in religion and counseling when times are not as the Lord wants for our lives, has shown his blessed abilities and knowledge. Not to mention the ability he displays when he places his thoughts on the pages of his books and writings.  He has been blessed.

Larry and Denise Seckel

Whether you are a young adult, single, single again or even married, this book is for you. Nate will challenge and encourage you as you discover what it takes to find the right mate and keep them.

Kris Swiatocho

The Singles Network Ministries, Raleigh, NC

A must read for every single who desires to be married. A good read for married couples who need to be reminded of why they got married in the first place.

Freddy Johnson

Lead Pastor, North Point Community Church

Once again your words hit me “right there”.

Many times in Christian arenas, we often dance around real truths when trying to relay what Scripture says on certain issues.

And yet it is my belief that while YOU interact with “grace,” you never ever “sugar coat” the TRUTH. This, my friend, I find more than refreshing in my world of “and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” I have come to the realization that it is that very truth from the word of God that we as the Body of Christ need most. It keeps me wanting more from the flow of God through you!

Tia M. Langdon

Executive Assistant Guest Relations Coordinator, It’s Supernatural! & Sid Roth Ministries

When dating, we all try to figure out what our own personal fundamental requirements are in choosing someone for a lifetime and I’ve revised mine several times. In Nate’s book Matched 4 Life, he instead outlines the fundamental elements of compatibility for you to use as a tool  in assessing a partner or a relationship. This approach is smart and this book is awesome!

Eleina Shinn

Website Designer, Fort Myers, FL

Geese mate for life! Yet, as God’s greatest creation, man struggles with the mystery to find and keep a life mate. Nate, in his colloquial and realistic style, uses proven life experiences (both good and bad) as a genuine road map to finding a spouse that is perfect for you. A powerful message put into small capsules for quicker digestion – written in a style where today’s fast paced life allows the reader time to absorb and enjoy.

E.S. Pinner

Bank CEO, Central Florida

Matched 4 Life is a true work of godly guidance. Nate Stevens has written solid Biblical truths in the work, determination, and joy of the marriage relationship. Marriage is not easy and the absence of truth in the world today leads couples to assume this binding relationship is an “easy in” at the wedding and an “easier out” at the first sight of conflict. Well written and undergirded with solid Christian principles, as well as good sense, Nate offers a great study and superb spiritual guidance into the relationship God deems as holy.

Nate Stevens writes with grace, peace, and personal experience. His work is well thought out and speaks beautiful to every age group which reads it. His work is a breath of fresh air.

Cindy Sproles

Best-Selling Author & Co-Founder, Christian Devotions Ministries

I highly recommend this book! It is a must have for any person. Nate Stevens is an approachable guy, who is passionate about God. I know his book and his philosophy changed my perspective and I am a better person because of it.

Cynthia R. Heath, MS, MBA, OTR/L (Hope Church Singles Community Caring/Prayer Leader) HSC

Prayer Leader, Hope Church Singles Ministry

My wife and I have done a lot of marriage counseling and I’ve read and used Dr. G. Smalley’s materials, Bob Yandian, Gary Chapman, and others. I must say, Matched 4 Life approaches relationships from a unique perspective and is filled with God’s wisdom for young men and women seeking God ordained relationship. Nate’s book breaks down the 4 aspects of an individual’s life like a college professor would teach about the anatomy of the human body. I’ve been very impressed with the content of knowledge and the manner in which it is presented – so much so, that more than any other book on relationships, I’m recommending this book be used as mandatory instructional material for one-on-one marriage counseling in our church. The Church really needs this knowledge and in particular our young people. Be gloriously blessed, Nate, for your labor of love for the Body of Christ is no small thing.

Rafael Juarez III

Elder, Spirit Life Christian Center

I think Matched 4 Life is like preventative health care.  If you follow Christ’s teachings in Nate’s book, you will prevent a lot of difficulties in your life.  It’s a book I would definitely buy for my son or my daughter.

Stephanie Wilkins

Founder, No More Band-Aids

Author | Speaker | Teacher

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