Quiet my spirit, Oh Lord –

  • Ease the unrest that troubles me
  • Calm my inner storms with Your “Peace, be still”
  • Infuse me with Your power as I rest in You

Renew my mind, Oh Lord –

  • Capture my distracted, anxious thoughts
  • Center my intentions and mindset ever on You
  • Grant me the serenity of a heart filled with You

Comfort my soul, Oh Lord –

  • Heal the many wounds and scars of my life
  • Free me from the bondage of my past brokenness
  • Restore my soul with the depths of Your still waters

Refresh my body, Oh Lord –

  • Reduce the pace and pressures the cares of this world command
  • Steady my hand on the plow of Your sovereign purpose
  • Reside supreme in Your holy temple, my frame