Being a dad is one of the most privileged, humbling, loving, sacrificing responsibilities of life. It is also rewarding – especially regarding the amazing relationship between a dad and his daughter. To that end, the following is in honor of my only daughter.

The world may see the beautiful young lady into which you have gracefully transformed,
But I still see the precious, loving, trusting, little girl that lives inside of you.

The world may see yet another young adult setting out to claim her destiny,
But I see the pathway of a life well-lived and the promise of a heart that remains true.

The world may see just another individual clamoring at the table of opportunity,
But I see the amazing inner potential restrained only by your self-imposed doubts.

The world may see another nondescript person lost in the teeming masses struggling to find their place,
But I see the person of marvel and wonder discovering daily her uniquely-appointed divine purpose.

The world may see the anticipated pathway that must be followed to ensure success,
But I see your soul remaining true to itself in the pursuit of unbridled dreams of promise.

The world may see another mere mortal trying to establish their personal place and identity,
But I see your eternal inner peace and strength that hold the secret to stay the course.

  • No matter how colossal the success you experience, I will still be there cheering you ever forward.
  • No matter how profound the despair or failure, I will still believe in you.
  • No matter how daunting the task before you, I will still encourage you ever onward.
  • No matter how exhausting or prolonged the journey, I will still offer you a place of quiet rest.
  • No matter how lonely the trail may become, I will still walk beside you.

The world may see the beauty, success, and charm of a life lived in the pursuit of its goals and aspirations,
But I will still listen to the true music of your heart and hold to my precious little girl who lives on in you.

That’s what a Dad sees…..

I love you,


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