As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person. (Proverbs 27:19, NLT)

Does your heart align with what you want people to believe about you?

The “heart” is much different than a perception or projection. It refers to a person’s lifestyle—habits, mannerisms, passions, characteristics, haunts, vices, standards, morals, priorities, preferences, convictions.

Some people are great talkers; some are great walkers. Many people talk a good game, but have never stepped onto the field of play. A talker boasts great exploits; a walker’s actions speak for themselves. Talkers are usually unpredictable, erratic, superficial and short-term; walkers are consistent, steady, deep, and long-term. Talkers avoid or resist the storms of life; walkers embrace their storms as God’s refining transformation.

Before committing to or trusting yourself with another person, be it dating, marriage, business, or any other relationship, first get to know his or her heart. Talkers can bluff their way through for a while; walkers are consistently honest from day one. A leopard cannot change its spots (Jeremiah 13:23) no matter how loudly it roars.

To truly know someone’s heart requires a significant time investment. It involves quality time listening to what is said and unsaid as well as observing his or her lifestyle. When assessing (not judging) the person as a whole, keep in mind that the fruit confirms the tree (Matthew 7:20).

We can apply the same principles to God. To truly know His heart requires a time investment. Spend quality, quiet time with Him, reading His Word and listening for His gentle whisper.

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