They went to the cisterns (wells) and found no water. They returned with their vessels empty; they were ashamed and confounded. (Jeremiah 14:3-4; NKJV, parenthesis added)

Growing up on a small farm in rural Washington State, I became familiar with our pump house and well. Though too young to know the well depth or water purity or even how the pump worked to get water to our house, I did notice my dad’s concerned and frustrated look when something went wrong with it.

If he could fix the problem (which he often did), he would wrestle the heavy concrete lid off the top of the well and begin working on it. I remember looking over the edge of the uncovered well and seeing the water shimmering far below. The presence of water was always a good thing. Fixing a pipe or pump was much easier and less costly than drilling a new well.

Imagine going to a well and finding it bone dry, then drilling another well and finding only dry sand and dirt. For miles around, you find no water—not in wells or bottled in stores. In this scenario, you would face possible heat stroke or dehydration. Then, on top of this, imagine being in a nationwide drought.

In Jeremiah’s day, their drought conditions came as a result of God’s judgment for rebelling against Him and forsaking His moral standards. Their waywardness and God’s judgment remind us that sin is a counterfeit that never fulfills, satisfies, or quenches desires. Having wandered that empty, dry, barren desert, I know sin is merely an appealing mirage that ultimately abandons thirsty, fatigued, ashamed, and confused people in its heat.

The world is a desert and sin is the drought. Many people wander about futilely seeking relief from the heat at a refreshing oasis—they just do not know where or how to find it. Not only do they need a refreshing drink, they need the source of satisfying, living water.

As followers of Jesus, the Living Water, who drink deeply from His fountain, and who have a wellspring bursting forth within us, let’s be the source of refreshing, untainted water for a dry, thirsty, dying world. Let’s not simply talk about or describe it, let’s bring others to Christ’s overflowing well of Living Water. Be a water source to end sin’s drought and quench its thirst.