Great relationships involve much more than simply gratifying every personal want and whim. They involve the give and take of out-serving and out-loving each other. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” [John 15:13]. A purely selfish perspective is readily evident.

You want my……

Attention, affirmation, and affection – yet not my adamant attendance.

Blessing, benevolence, and bliss – yet not my beckoned belonging.

Comfort, compassion, and contentment – yet not my constant companionship.

Devotion, delight, and desire – yet not my daily dedication.

Endearments, enjoyment, and expressions – yet not my everyday existence.

Friendship, favor, and faithfulness – yet not my fulfilling fellowship.

Graciousness, gentleness, and goodness – yet not my guarded guidance.

Happiness, honor, and heartbeat – yet not my hopeful habitation.

Inspiration, interest, and interaction – yet not my immediate inclusion.

Joyfulness, joviality, and jealousy – yet not my joint journey.

Kindness, kindredness, and knowledge – yet not my known knittedness.

Liberality, leadership, and loyalty – yet not my lifelong love.

Marvels, morality, and mercy – yet not my meaningful mutuality.

Nurture, nourishment, and novelty – yet not my necessary nearness.

Openness, optimism, and ovation – yet not my outright occupancy.

Peace, pleasure, and provision – yet not my perpetual presence.

Quality, quickening, and quenching – yet not my quintessential quota.

Respect, rapture, and rapport – yet not my requisite relationship.

Satisfaction, security, and strength – yet not my steadfast selection.

Tenderness, truthfulness, and tenacity – yet not my total togetherness.

Understanding, utmost, and urgency – yet not my ultimate union.

Valor, vigor, and virtue – yet not my viable veracity.

Wholesomeness, willingness, and wisdom– yet not my wedded welfare.

Xanadu, yielding, and zeal – yet not my zestful zenith.


You are unwilling to give what I need; I am unable to accept what you offer.

You want what I can offer – not who I am.

Thank you, but no thanks. I’ll pass.

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